Monday, December 22, 2014

Kyleigh's (Award Winning) Presidential Speech

Kyleigh's (Award Winning) Presidential Speech

Good morning, my name is Kyleigh Moore. A reason you should remember that name is because that's the name you will be checking off for president when I'm done. I am running under the political party known as the republicans. Me, my vice president Bradley Barbarisi and the rest of my political party have been working very hard to create this campaign in order to win your votes.

Before you decide to vote for me, you should get to know me first. I have formerly ran for two positions in student council, treasurer and vice president. Hoping that 3rd time is the charm. I volunteer over 400 hours at the Ossipee Recreation Department as a C.I.T watching children at the Summer Fun Club program. I am in several different clubs, Dj Club, Youth and Government and Model Congress. I am an active member in Kingswood Theater where I am currently participating in my fourth show. I play softball in the spring where I am currently on the JV team but hope to level to  Varsity this year. I am an anchor on Knightly News, Monday-Friday at 10:26. I have a seasonal job at Route 16 Dairy Bar in Ossipee. Not to mention I'm a dog person.... As I am aware I have the 45th highest GPA in our grade. Since not all of us can be 1st or 2nd in our class, I'd like to remind you that we need someone average but extraordinary, where I currently fill both of those categories. We need someone who will be active with everyone, someone who knows how the system works.

As for my Issues... Marijuana should continued to be illegal.  Marijuana is a drug, as abuse-able as any intoxicant is, and its long-term use is in some people associated with undesirable effects. If we legalize this drug because of it's consent use, we will eventually have to legalize all drugs. The government is here to protect all citizens and we must do what it takes to maintain a healthy country. I understand that the use of marijuana will still continue with or without the consent of the government, but we can try to restrict import and export of the drug, and enforce our current state laws on the use. As for Abortion we should be a Pro-Life country. Since life starts at conception, abortion is considered to be murder. If the child is unwanted the government will take care of all adoption requirements. We as republicans support a human life and endorse legislation to make it clear that the 14th amendment applies and protects any unborn child. We oppose that people should  have the choice of giving the chance for a child to live or not. And as for gun control, we must protect the second amendment, which states all citizens have the right to bare arms. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. If we restrict people of purchasing guns and ammo, people will find ways to require weapons anyhow. Legalizing gun control would only make more sense for the average person to be able to defend themselves against enemies. Furthermore, I believe I should be your president, not just because I'm incredibly well rounded, but because I know what's best for our country. I'm ready to take responsibility for America as your new president
As Mitt Romney said, “Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.”
Thank you and happy voting.

Same-sex Marriage

We as republicans think that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. We oppose same-sex marriage . We support the Defense of Marriage Act, which was passed in 1996, which affirms the right of the states not to recognize same-sex marriages licensed in other states. Requiring citizens to sanction same-sex relationships violates moral and religious beliefs of millions of Christians, Jews, Muslims and others, who believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman

Sunday, December 21, 2014


As members of the Republican party, we believe that immigration benefits our country as a whole, both economically and culturally. However, only if the immigration is legal. Illegal immigration undermines these benefits. In today's world of terrorism, drug cartels, and gangs, with millions of illegal immigrants living and working in the United States, this poses a great risk to our homeland security. We believe that we should take action to enforce the law, and stop illegal immigration while promoting legal immigration simultaneously.

Bradley Barbarisi's Vice President speech

Gun Control

As republicans, we support gun ownership as a right that is given to the people in the Constitution. We believe that citizens who follow the law have a right to self-defense. The second amendment states that the people have the right to bear arms, and we believe that this is an unalienable right that should not be taken away from the American people, or restricted in any way.

Moore and Barbarisi Commercial

Director: Kyleigh Moore
Silhouette: Matt Horton
Anchors: Kyleigh Moore and Bradley Barbarisi
Technical Crew: Isabelle Berry

*This was sponsored by the Moore and Barbarisi campaign*

Special thanks to Mr. Giessler for letting us use the studio to film.

Please note: The lack of quality due to an error in the CD uploading, so I had to record it off my phone and upload it.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Marijuana is a drug, as abusable as any intoxicant is, and its long-term use is in some people associated with undesirable effects. But its effects are relatively mild, and while nearly half of American adults have smoked marijuana, few develop habits, much less habits that are lifelong. Marijuana is an addictive, gateway drug. It significantly impairs bodily and mental functions, and its use is related to increased violence. Instead, clinical studies reveal that long-term, moderate consumption of the drug impairs short-term memory, slows reaction time, increases the risk of heart attack, and can result in birth defects, strokes, and damage to the respiratory system and brain.