Friday, December 19, 2014

Kyleigh Moore: The Biography

Kyleigh Moore is a sixteen-year-old Kingswood student with a natural passion for the American people.

Coming into freshman year, Kyleigh ran for vice president in the student council, and again sophomore year as treasurer. "You shouldn't vote for who you want to be in office," she said during sophomore elections, "but who should be. Vote for me because you want a change, and you want to be heard." 

Kyleigh is a hard worker. She spends her free time volunteering at the Ossipee Recreation Department in Center Ossipee. Her after school activities include Theater where she has worked on three shows at the high school level (Brothers Grimm, Sound of Music and Kamp with a K). In the spring she plays softball on the JV team hoping to improve to be on the Varsity team in her future years. She is also active in several clubs in Kingswood, such as Dj club, Youth and Government, and Model Congress. She also devotes time working in the Art Center for local events and concerts as tech designer and lighting and sound technician. Kyleigh looks towards a brighter future and a greater America.

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